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The Types of Dialysis and What to Expect


Dialysis is often the solution for adults with faulty kidneys. It cleanses the blood, eliminates toxins, and regulates blood pressure. Patients can either go to the hospital for this procedure or opt for dialysis at home services.

There are a lot of preparations, precautions, and life-altering outcomes once a person relies on dialysis. For educational purposes, it’s good to know more about dialysis and its two types.

If you’re someone who’s relying on dialysis regularly, it’d be beneficial to consult with a home health agency in Los Angeles, California, for your needs.

  • Hemodialysis
    Hemodialysis is the most common type of the two. During this procedure, the blood is pumped into an artificial kidney machine. The cleaned blood is then returned to the body through tubes. For this to work, your doctor will have to perform surgery to make an entry point. You may need extra help around the house while recovering from the surgery. Consider looking for senior care in California.
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
    In this type of dialysis, the interior lining of your stomach is used as a natural filter. The waste from the blood is removed with a fluid called dialysate. This fluid is washed in and out of your stomach in cycles. For appointments to your hospital, it may be helpful to have skilled nurses in San Bernardino County. Similar to the first type of dialysis, this requires surgery too. A peritoneal dialysis catheter is inserted into the belly as an entry point.

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