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Kidney-Friendly Foods to Add to Your Diet


Kidney diseases often demand a special diet. This diet usually restricts potassium, sodium, and phosphorus intake. You may need home care and support to keep up with meal planning and dietary needs.

Even with kidney disease, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for your kidney anymore. Here are four great foods your healthcare in Ventura County recommends for your dietary needs.

  • Garlic
    Garlic is a good source of Vitamin C, and it has anti-inflammatory properties too. It’s also a good alternative to salt! There’ll be many meals made with this godsend ingredient. But before you experiment with recipes, be sure to consult your doctor and senior care in California for a tailor-fit meal plan.
  • Pineapple
    Pineapple is a sweet treat! It’s high in fiber and rich in Vitamin C. To add, it’s also low in potassium.
  • Egg Whites
    If you’re conscious of your phosphorus intake, egg whites are a great alternative to sustain your protein needs. Egg whites are especially ideal for patients in dialysis. If you’re in dialysis too, you can opt for home health medical services to assist you with your needs.
  • Sea Bass
    Omega-3 fatty acids help combat inflammation, which sea bass has. Sea bass is a great alternative to other seafood that have higher phosphorus content.

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