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Better health outcomes and a higher quality of life

Dialysis at home gives you the most significant control of your schedule while helping you feel your best.

Home dialysis begins with in-depth training by a knowledgeable and kind dialysis nurse until you’re comfortable doing treatments at home.

Supplies arrive at your home so you can perform your treatment on a schedule designed by you and your healthcare team. When you have a question, a dialysis nurse is ready to help you 24/7 by phone.

About once a month, you meet with your home dialysis care team – including your dialysis nurse, social worker, and dietitian – to make sure you’re as healthy as you can be.

Learn more about home dialysis and find out why more than 95% of doctors and nurses would choose dialysis at home.

Three great reasons to try dialysis at home

For most people, home dialysis means better health and a higher quality of life compared to dialysis at a center. Here are a few reasons why dialysis at home is worth considering:

  • More Energy
    People on home dialysis build up fewer toxins in their blood and recover more quickly after each treatment. This means more energy for work, travel, or spending time with family and friends.
  • Treatments at Home
    Make dialysis fit your lifestyle.  No more driving to the Dialysis Center and waiting in lines for a machine. With your treatment team, you determine when and where to have your treatment – during the day, at night, at home. You’ll love the flexibility of dialysis at home.
  • Fewer Medications
    Home dialysis gives you a bit more freedom to enjoy the foods you crave. In addition, many people take fewer medications because of the excellent job home dialysis does in removing harmful toxins and extra fluid.
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