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Debunking Myths About Physical Therapy


In our experience as a home health agency in Los Angeles, California, we have seen many clients benefit significantly from our physical therapy services. Yet, there seem to be many misunderstandings concerning this vital intervention— usually in what it is for and what it entails.

As your partner in home health medical services, Sunshine Home Health Services, Inc. would like to address some of these misunderstandings to encourage more clients to experience its benefits.

  • Physical therapy hurts a lot.
    Personal experience varies from person to person. But statistics indicate that most people who hold this belief have never visited a physical therapist at all. Physical therapy in Orange County (and other areas) works within your threshold of pain and discomfort, so any amount you might experience as you go along is simply a part of your journey to recovery.
  • It is only an add-on to my expenses.
    It may seem like it initially, but once you have gone through a physical therapy program, you can see how it helps reduce expenses for long term care. Physical therapy enables you to regain independence and self-reliance, which are key to helping you avoid comorbidities that will surely call for high costs.
  • It is only for those with injuries and accidents.
    This is true for many cases, though many think so in the context of sports or the workplace. But in reality, physical therapy is also recommended for patients who have been on prolonged bed rest or DME use or have undergone surgery. Retraining strength, endurance, flexibility, and the like helps patients return to their regular routines, ensuring steady progress toward recovery.

Are you considering physical therapy? Work with a provider of senior care in California you can trust. Call us for more information.

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