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Practices Patients on Dialysis Should Observe


Dialysis is a treatment for purifying the blood when the kidney cannot function at its optimum. The process can be tricky, and you’re at risk of many complications when the treatment is altered due to your lifestyle. To make the treatment less of a hassle for our patients, Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. offers dialysis at home as part of our home health services in Long Beach, California.

For a more effective dialysis treatment, try our dialysis at home services and take note of the following practices:

  • Stick to your dialysis schedule. Naturally, our kidneys filter blood for 168 hours, which is equivalent to 8–12 hours per week. Thus, not sticking to your schedule or simply skipping a session can lead to adverse health outcomes.
  • Eat food items rich in protein. Doing so allows the patients to maintain a decent muscle mass that leads to overall health.
  • Monitor your health and take medications as prescribed with the help of our home health aides.
  • Restrict potassium consumption. Skip foods rich in potassium because consumption of potassium during a dialysis treatment is highly associated with a higher risk for sudden cardiac death.
  • Skip salty foods. Frequent sodium consumption leads to weight gain, which is proven to be detrimental to the health of a person undergoing dialysis.

Following the above-mentioned practices will help a dialysis patient recover faster. Some of these practices can be challenging, but trusting the process is important. Everything is worth it in the end. Besides, trained healthcare professionals from our home health agency in California are here to alleviate your burden.

Contact our home care agency today to get started with our services. Get in touch!

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