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The Benefits of Intravenous Therapy


Intravenous therapy is the process of injecting vitamins and fluids through the veins, bypassing the digestive system to go straight to the bloodstream. Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. offers IV therapy as one of our nursing services to provide our patients with immediate and effective results.

Our home health aides are trained professionals that can provide IV therapy. But, how exactly is this kind of therapy beneficial?

  • Maximum absorption. Oral medications are not 100% absorbed because they pass through the digestive system. The body’s normal digestive process, it limits the number of medications and vitamins that arrive in our bloodstream. With maximum absorption, our energy boosts and our body gets hydrated almost immediately.
  • Fast and customized treatments. Bypassing the digestive system offers positive results. The process itself takes only a few minutes, and you’re good to go. Furthermore, you can ask your healthcare or home care providers to customize your IV therapy treatment based on your nutritional needs recommended by your physician.
  • Eliminates the effects of environmental toxins. IV therapy supplies our bodies with antioxidants that delay signs of aging and eradicates the harmful wastes in our bodies.

If you’re looking for trained professionals who can administer IV therapy to your loved ones at home, our home health agency in California has a roster of experienced home care providers to take care of it for you. We are always a phone call away to offer your elderly folks the home care services they require.

Contact us today to set an appointment to avail our home health services in Long Beach, California. Get in touch!

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