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How to Avoid Skeletal Problems


The skeletal system serves as our framework and has many functions – including body movements and organ support and protection. Our bones produce red blood cells. It stores calcium and other essential minerals. When the skeletal system is weak, you can be prone to bone and spine ailments that may require Physical Therapy in Orange County. And it can be costly to maintain these illnesses.

As a Home Health Agency in Los Angeles, California, we suggest the following measures to prevent having bone issues.

  • Eat healthily

    Having excessive weight can cause bone alterations and strains. Obesity can contribute to fractures, weak bones, spine friction, and pinched spinal nerves causing too much pain in the affected areas.

  • Have a proper posture

    It is advisable to stand, sit, and lie down properly. Bend your knees instead of your back when picking and lifting from the ground.

  • Strengthen your core muscles

    Strong muscles around your abdomen and back will support your body structure.

  • Stop smoking

    Smoking adds risk to many health problems, including disorders in bones and muscles.

Home Health Medical Services include support and assistance to those who have difficulties in mobility and walking. Our caregivers at Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. have adequate training, strength, and stability to carry and transfer patients from one spot to another.

With our compassionate and personalized Senior Care in California, you can guarantee your safety, and you can get the right amount of attention and care that fits your needs.

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