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Activities for the Elderly in Their Retirement Age


After reaching the retirement age, seniors may find it boring when they have nothing to do. Boredom hits especially those accustomed to doing many things in their daily lives for the past few decades. And to suffice their need for action, they can engage in activities as part of their Therapeutic Care.

Even when under Home Health Medical Services, some of our seniors who are still fit to do physical activities can do the following:

  • Work
    Who says seniors can not work anymore? After retirement, they might still want to pursue a career of their choice or a pastime. They can work in libraries, cafes, fast food chains, restaurants, hotels, and other senior-friendly establishments.
  • Charitable works
    You can ask your local community, volunteer centers, and non-profit organizations to know if there are any events such as feeding and reading to kids, caring for animals, and other charitable works available.
  • Gardening
    Our elders can choose ornamental, herbal, or fruit-bearing plants of their choice. How delightful it is to grow and make plants flower and produce fruits. What is best in gardening is that even those in Long Term Care can do this. They can help in watering using a hose.

We should not deprive seniors under Senior Care in California of their happiness and the opportunity to do more in their senior years. Staying physically active and vigorous can help them remain fit and avoid depression.

As a Home Health Agency in Los Angeles, California, we promote a holistic health approach so the elderly can enjoy the remaining years of their life. Our caregivers can provide supervision and education so seniors will know their limits.

For more information, call Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. at 310-558-7061.

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