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Risk Factors for Elderly Falls


Almost half of the elderly persons staying in a facility or at home fall annually. Falls rank the top reasons for accidents and death in persons ages 65 above. Morbidity due to falls increases dramatically. Elderly patients who have fallen must undertake a thorough assessment to reduce the risks of morbidity.

A Senior Care in California identifies causes of falls for the elderly.

Several factors cause the elderly to fall. The common one is a decline in physical fitness. As they get less active, they fail to engage in daily activities such as walking. Another thing factor that comes into play is an eye disease. Elders can’t determine hazards when they have impaired vision. Moreover, chronic health diseases affect their balance and cognitive function.

At a Home Health Agency in Los Angeles, we identify the support you need for your elder loved ones. We have skilled professionals that can undergo therapeutic care for elders who have fallen. These professionals are experienced in performing daily or weekly assistance.

If the factors mentioned combine, they lead to a life-threatening injury or severe complications. To keep your loved ones safe, Home Health Medical Services is the right place to consult. It has several services that are efficient and secure.

Get to know us at Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc.

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