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Helpful Interventions for Various Health Concerns


There are instances when we cannot plan for medical emergencies. This happens frequently to people who live alone, especially elderly people. Seniors with mobility impairments tend to have trouble caring for themselves. They are, therefore, more vulnerable to poor nutrition and deteriorating health. This unhealthy lifestyle can have serious health repercussions that require immediate attention or long-term care if it is not corrected.

As proactive providers of ADL assistance, Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. delivers quality care services for seniors and families in need. The purpose of this service is to give clients active, short-term care or treatment for serious ailments, accidents, everyday health issues, or acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses.

As your go-to source of home health services in Long Beach, California, we have skilled and knowledgeable caregivers that can create a personalized care plan for you to assist enhance your general health and stability. Some of the services they can provide are the following:

  • Prompt action to avoid death, incapacity, or deterioration of the condition
  • IV treatment for necessary medications that the patient or they cannot take orally
  • Hourly evaluation to guarantee a positive response to treatment

Our home health agency in California offers patients the chance to receive treatment in a comfortable, familiar environment where they can stay in their own beds, wear their own clothes, and be surrounded by their loved ones. In a familiar setting, anxiety and tension are also diminished.

This is why adding home health care to a person’s care plan is such a terrific idea. Clients can get prompt help to safeguard their well-being at home.

Please feel free to contact our home care team right away to learn more. Please call 310-558-7061 to reach us.

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