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Respite Care: An Essential Part of Palliative Care


When it comes to caring for a loved one with a life-threatening illness, our full attention must be given to their needs. Being their primary carer means bearing their full trust, as well as understanding their needs and wants. However, as fulfilling as this responsibility is, carers need to understand that they, too, require care and support.

This is where our respite care services come in.

Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc., a trusted provider of home health and palliative care, offers respite care for carers experiencing burnout. We understand that looking after someone who is ill can be stressful, especially when it escalates to the final stages of life or if they need specialized supervision to aid their recovery. This progression would require specialized care that primary carers may have difficulty performing on their own. Care requirements are often escalated to include frequent medications, special wound care, or assistance with feeding and toileting.

So aside from providing high-quality care for patients, our home health services in Long Beach, California, also aim to assist carers in need of rest. Respite offers primary carers experiencing physical and emotional distress the opportunity to recuperate to get back their strength.

Our expert home care team guarantees gentle and loving hands ready to help with the following:

  • Supervision and support with ADLs and IADLs
  • Companionship for homebound seniors
  • Sensory stimulation and conversation
  • Ways for family caregivers to reduce stress
  • Peace of mind when family caregivers need to be away

To learn more about our home health agency in California and how we can help through palliative care, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We will be more than glad to serve.

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