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The Function of Dialysis Services at Home


Dialysis is crucial because it undertakes kidney functions when the kidneys fail to do so efficiently. The kidneys are in control of removing waste and toxins from the blood, sustaining electrolyte balance, and regulating blood pressure. When the kidneys aren’t working well, these functions can be interrupted, resulting in a buildup of waste products and extra fluid in the blood, electrolyte imbalances, and blood pressure changes. It can result in serious health issues, including anemia, heart disease, and stroke. Hence, we at Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. offer dialysis at-home services.

Home care enables seniors to receive dialysis services and personal care while remaining at home. This is more convenient because they do not have to leave their familiar surroundings and can continue living independently. Furthermore, because the caregiver is familiar with the senior’s specific needs and routines, home care can provide a more personalized level of care. Better outcomes and a higher quality of life can result from this.

Our home health services in Long Beach, California provide experienced nurses who pay close attention to patients’ needs and recognize any changes in their condition while managing their time effectively and staying organized.

Good nursing services should be easily accessible to patients and their families, whether in the hospital or at the patient’s home. Furthermore, it should be based on the most recent research and evidence-based practices to ensure that patients receive the most current and effective care.

Our home health agency in California not only provides nursing services at home. We make every effort to respond to your dialysis concerns over the phone, and you meet with your home dialysis care team – which includes your dialysis nurse, social worker, and nutritionist – about once a month to ensure that you are as healthy as possible.

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