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Empowering Primary Caregivers with Respite


As primary caregivers, taking care of your senior loved ones by yourself can be exacting. Though you got the hang of it, it doesn’t mean that the long term care you’re providing them became less difficult. You just got used to it.

Tending to the needs of your loved ones is an expression of your sacrificial love for them. However, you might not realize the things you’re already compromising by being the round-the-clock provider of home care and support for your loved ones.

As providers of senior care in California, we know that taking care of your loved ones takes most of your time because their needs are complex and long-term. As a result, you won’t have time to spare for other things like work and household chores as well as for other people such as your other family members and friends. Moreover, you will be prone to burnout because of stress and lack of sleep which can lead to more serious health problems in the future.

Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc., your home health agency in Los Angeles, California provides a solution for this. With our respite care services, you can enjoy a temporary rest as the primary caregiver so you can give equal importance to all your responsibilities and look out for yourself. We wish for you to enjoy a balanced life and a little time for yourself because as the primary caregiver, you’re one of the lifelines of your senior loved ones, and your getting sick will affect them too. Your health problems will hinder you in providing them assistance because you’ll be too weak to do so or worse, they can catch your disease.

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