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Factors That Affect Medication Adherence


A goal of every caregiver from a trusted home health agency in California is to improve the medication adherence of the client. However, achieving adherence is not always a linear path. Here are some factors that affect medication adherence.

  • Miscommunication With the Physician

    New information and unfamiliar medical terms can be overwhelming for a patient. Language challenges, poor communication, prescribing complicated medication regimens, and conflicting information from numerous physicians can all lead to non-adherence. Luckily, ADL assistance can improve both nonadherence and the understanding of the patient’s condition. There are other benefits to home healthcare services worth knowing about too.

  • Unmet Expectations

    Many drugs used to treat chronic conditions may not always help patients feel better. As a result, while the medicine can considerably lower the likelihood of a flare-up or a poorer prognosis, adherence may be inadequate because drugs do not always make a patient feel better. To mitigate this for your loved one, you may opt for short term care until they have completed their medication regimen.

  • Socioeconomic Factors

    Proper medication adherence is influenced by variables such as restricted access to treatment, mobility issues that affect office visits, and a lack of health-related information. Socioeconomic factors also hinder many individuals.

Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. is equipped and ready to bridge the gap between misinformation, resources, and services and the client. We are here to offer our medical and home care services for you and your loved one.

If you’re looking for home health services in Long Beach, California, know that we’re here to help. For your inquiries and concerns, give us a call at 310-558-7061.

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