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Tips for Introducing Home Health Care to Seniors


When the time comes when mom or dad requires assistance at home, home care is an excellent option to keep them safe, healthy, and socially engaged. After nearly a lifetime of independence, however, it can be difficult for seniors to accept that they need help. Hence, it’s important to introduce the idea properly to minimize objections and ensure the best outcome.

As a leading home health agency in California, we will share tips on how to introduce the idea of receiving care:

  • Introduce the concept early.
    When you begin to notice small changes in your loved one’s daily living abilities, gradually initiate the conversation about receiving care. Do not wait until the care they require reaches the emergency crisis stage. Instead, gently start a discussion about their future needs and their wishes, and goals.
  • Highlight the benefits of receiving care.
    When discussing their care options, highlight the benefits of receiving care at home. Emphasize the increase in senior independence and talk about the kinds of services they will have access to. This may entail nursing services for medical support at home or therapeutic care to support increased independence.
  • Listen to their concerns.
    Your loved one may have concerns regarding their care. However, some of these concerns may be addressed by a care provider. Actively listen to these concerns and take them into consideration when discussing your loved one’s care plan.

Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. is a trusted provider of exceptional home health services in Long Beach, California. When it’s time for your aging parent or loved one to receive care at home, we are available to provide the care and support they need to age healthily. Arrange a consultation with us to learn more about our services.

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