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Preparations for Dialysis at Your Home

We understand how difficult it is to maintain or improve your health – especially for those with advancing age or health conditions. Thus, we work hard to provide excellent Senior Care in California for every patient.

We also provide care across ages. If you need dialysis, we can provide this at your place.

In-home dialysis sounds convenient and appealing but we must work together for the safety of your loved one and the effectiveness of the procedure.

It all starts with finding a qualified provider. A trained nurse can educate and help you with the process. By talking with professionals, you can ensure safety and avoid any fraud. Also, your professional partner can walk you through the requirements and procedure until you are comfortable doing it on your own.

You do not need grand changes to happen in your home. You need a clean room where your dialysis will be conducted. It is best to have one that is big enough to store your dialysis supplies and machine. Your home dialysis care team can visit you monthly for a comprehensive review and discussion.

Let us make your Dialysis at Home Services safe.

Are you still looking for a reliable Home Health Agency in Los Angeles, California?

When you need Home Health Medical Services, you need the care of Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. Start discussing your needs with us today.

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