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Is Home Health Care a Good Treatment Option for You?


There are many treatment options to choose from, such as home health services in Long Beach, California. How would you know which is the option best for you?

Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. believes that home is the best place for anyone to be. While we recognize that we cannot decide for you, we would like to assist you in making it. Here is a list of reasons why home health care is the best care option for you.

  • Fall or near-fall
    If you have recently fallen or had a near-fall incident, even if you were not injured, you can benefit from home health care. Providers like our home health aides can help you identify fall dangers in your home and risk factors that may lead to you falling.
  • Treatment for wounds
    Our nursing services enable wound care treatment in your home if you have developed or been treated for a wound, whether it is a pressure sore, surgical wound, or diabetic foot wound.
  • Injections or Intravenous Therapy
    If you have an intravenous catheter or port in place and need regular therapy or injections to manage your sickness or disease, you may want to consider home care. Your healthcare team can come to you for treatment rather than going to a clinic for each dosage.

Home health care is an excellent alternative for anyone experiencing medical issues or who requires assistance with housework, meal preparation, activities of daily living, prescription administration, or general companionship. Contact our home health agency in California today.

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