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In-Home Dialysis: Common Prerequisites


Dialysis at home services offer promising outcomes and convenience for patients. Some report taking more responsibility for their care, which increases their independence and quality of life. Others are also able to spend ample time with family members while undergoing the procedure.

At Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc., a renowned home health agency in Los Angeles, California, we provide skilled staff to support patients seeking dialysis at home. However, for optimal safety, we also require the following before we can consider a patient for this program:

  • Home Modifications
    To maximize the treatment, the home might need a few remodeling to provide the right home health medical services and dialysis. In-home dialysis requires appropriate settings and equipment to ensure optimal health results.
  • Dexterity
    Patients must show proof of vision and dexterity to run the dialysis procedures on their own or through an assistant. Should you need help, a nurse is ready over the phone to accommodate your concerns.
  • Reading and Writing Skills
    The dialysis care team will need the progress of the treatment to monitor the patient’s health and adjust the care plan accordingly. Thus, the patient should be able to write down vital information about the treatment and read instruction labels correctly.
  • Adaptability
    In-home dialysis is a complex process, and patients will undergo appropriate training in the clinic. Hence, the patient must be willing to learn and adapt to any changes at home or in the care provision.

If you or a loved one is looking for in-home dialysis programs, we’ve got the right team to help you. We offer respite, skilled nursing, and senior care in California to address your varying needs at home. Please give us a call for details.

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