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Helping you perform daily tasks independently

Many patients who hire a professional caregiver do so because they find fundamental daily tasks, or activities of daily living (ADLs), to be challenging to perform independently. ADLs refers to certain essential tasks that we all must perform in daily life to live independently.

ADL Services Provided:

  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Safe, supported mobility and transfers
  • Eating daily meals and snacks
  • Managing toileting needs or incontinence

The aging process or an illness can make it difficult for seniors to perform certain basic ADLs and continue to live independently. Many find that they need help with some tasks and not others, and the number of tasks they need assistance with can change over time. Sunshine Homecare develops an individualized care plan for each patient that offers this personal level of support in daily life, helping when you need it and encouraging independence when you don’t.

Sunshine Homecare respects the daily life schedules and routines of the seniors we serve. Our long term care services scheduling is very flexible to fit in with the patients daily life, and we are available hourly or around the clock. Our caregivers assist with basic ADLs during the workday, in the evenings and even on weekends and holidays, so that family caregivers know their loved ones are always supported in continuing to live independently. This helps to make our professional caregiver services cost effective for seniors and their loved ones.

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