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Diabetes Foot Care Management to Remember


Foot problems and diabetes go hand in hand. You must prepare for ointments and other ways to avoid complications of that condition. The specialists come from home health services in Long Beach, California.

You should take the blood sugar control to another level. People living with diabetes have to stop making too much sugar in their diet. The program suitable for the elderly will get help from a home health agency in California. Here are the ways they help:

  • Keeping the feet clean and don’t soak in water for a long time
  • Use mild soaps and warm water
  • Pat your skin dry; don’t rub
  • After washing, put lotion or petroleum jelly to prevent it from cracking. According to a report by WebMD, do not put the lotion or petroleum jelly between your toes because it can lead to an infection.

Home care professionals like Home Health Aides would help with the everyday routine. If that happens, you can divide your time from your care needs to theirs.

Dialysis at home services is convenient for the elderly with limited mobility issues. You have to hire people who can help in the process of administering the procedure.

Do you need the care program for seniors? Sunshine Palliative + Home Health Services, Inc. is present to make your routine good for your loved ones.

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